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A centralized system for Field Workforce Management (FWM) of sales and service resources in industries such as food distribution, pharma, telecom, manufacturing and facilities management. It allows managers and administrators in these client-intensive industries to stay connected and track their field force, manage appointments, maintain contacts, maintain history, optimize travel time and assess productivity.

The mobile app empowers teams in the field, while the web portal gives managers the visibility and control they have always needed.

In the office

Field Force's web app gives managers visibility and control into everything that is going on in the field. The manager can see field representative’s activities on a map in real-time, eliminating the need for check-ins and giving them the ability to react to situations as they arise — if one representative cannot make an appointment, finding a nearby representative is as simple as checking the map. You can manage your team's schedule and keep accurate track of individual mileage for reimbursement.

In the field

The Field Force mobile app makes it easy for the representatives in the field to manage their daily appointments. With Geo-Tagging and Time-Stamping, the app records your representative’s activity and client location visits. Field Force keeps all this data organized by time and location which provides time-productivity analysis. This helps in automating travel reimbursement reports. Representatives in the field can spend more time visiting clients and less time on administration.


Team Management

  • It’s easy to keep up with your entire team - no matter where they are. Current location can be viewed on the map. The management gets more visibility in the field. They can view real-time location; track distance covered and reschedule appointments.

Appointment Scheduling

  • It gives managers and their teams everything they need to organize their day in one place. Managers can add and edit appointments for their representatives using the web app, and representatives can view their calendars directly in the mobile app.


  • The web app automates your field data into reports. When a representative ends their day, managers can pull up a summary of that day's activities using the web app and review the number of appointments completed.

Work-Time & Mileage

  • Representatives can cover a lot of distance on a vehicle in a short period of time. Keeping track of mileage and time spent working isn’t a hassle. The web app automates this with a comprehensive report.

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